The Shadows at Sunrise


My current work-in-progress is THE SHADOWS AT SUNRISE, a young adult urban fantasy set in London, both in our world and in an alternate reality. While it’s currently finished to a first draft standard, I’m working on rewriting the novel to be closer to my original vision.

Most exciting perhaps is that UK-based publisher Oftomes are currently interested in reading the full manuscript, having read the first five chapters. Keep ’em peeled here for updates as I work my way through the redraft and submission process!

Finally, the illustration used here was commissioned from the incredible Kevin McHugh, based on a scene in chapter six. Go see his work — his Hallowe’en stuff is the absolute best.


There are horrors that lurk beyond the veil between worlds, and 17-year-old David Gardener can see every one of them.

They haunt his every waking moment; now, those things are tearing his life apart. He has no family, has nowhere to turn, until a chance meeting with the enigmatic Lucian Ducant turns his world upside down. Lucian knows why David can see beyond the veil. Lucian, he learns, is from a parallel reality; he’s come to take David home.

Desperate to discover where he comes from, clinging to the promise of answers, he joins Lucian in a world of cobblestone streets and clockwork, where history took an entirely different turn and magic is fact. But something evil is stirring beyond the veil, and Lucian is not being entirely truthful with David. What of the strange dreams he is having, of the war-torn trenches and the dying, and the wall of fog so dense that it blocks out the sun? What of the strange disappearances in Lucian’s world, and the troubling sightings outside of town?

A terrible destiny awaits David, centuries in the making; a destiny he will have to meet head-on if he is to survive. Should he fail, he threatens not only the fate of the world he comes to think of as home, but also the fate of every person in every world.

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